Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pokemon Sunset

Pokemon Sunset
Name: Pokemon Sunset [Pc Game]
Create by: Sora

This game is a double-battle focused Pokemon game, with the option to fight alongside Partners that join you throughout your Journey. You'll be able to view and level your Trainer's Pokemon as well as adjust them by using TM's and giving them held items. With adjusted experience formula, you'll be able to train up Pokemon under level 50 quickly so you can adjust your party to beat specific opponents.

- Partner's Pokemon party screen (Can use TMs and have them hold Items)
- Your Partner's Pokemon can level up
- Switch between multiple Partners
- Control your Partner's Pokemon in Battle
- Almost every trainer battle is Double Battle
- New experimental Fishing mechanic
- Skip certain long cutscenes by holding the down key (at the beginning of each cutscene)
- Gen 7 Pokemon and Abilities
- Adjusted multiple Pokemon to evolve normally by leveling without having to trade, happiness, etc.
- Turbo mode by holding F key

To do's and Known bugs
- Can't use items on Partner's Pokemon in battle.
- Plan to further customize your Partner's Pokemon (Change name and Remember moves)
- Update various art assets (In battle Partner sprites, etc)
- Pokedex UI update and number adjustments
- Plan to add more NPCs
- Aquarin Town is under extreme construction (no content)
- Possible plan to disable use items in Battle and possibly focus on use of berries
- Plan to add more Partner content.
- Autosave and ways to back up trainer data.

This game is at its experimental stages. It is bound to have multiple bugs and not very much content. It's my first Pokemon game so I thought I'd post here and get some feedback before I advance my game further. Please save often and consistently check your Partner's Pokemon party to check for errors. Since I'm working on this game alone, I predict that my progress with this game won't be as fast as I would like... I would appreciate it if I can get some help from others in scripting, plot progression and battle balancing.

Pokemon Sunset

Download Pokemon Sunset V0.1
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